Afghanistan school bombing: nine students killed

An explosion occurred in a religious school in northern Afghanistan.

A mortar shell exploded in a religious school in Tahar province in northern Afghanistan, killing at least nine students, police said June 18, Radio Liberty reports.

Law enforcers say they do not yet know how the shell hit the building.

According to preliminary data, among the dead there are those who are under the age of 18. Another six students were injured in the explosion.

The incident occurred after two explosions earlier this month in mosques in Kabul. During Friday prayers on June 12, four people were killed in an explosion in a mosque in the capital of Afghanistan. A week earlier, an explosion in a mosque in the so-called “green zone” of the city killed a famous imam and another man.

Taliban militants say they still adhere to an agreement signed with the United States in February that provides for the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan. The agreement also aims to pave the way for peace talks between the Taliban and the government in Kabul.

Recall that against the background of a truce in Afghanistan, 14 soldiers were killed due to an attack by the Taliban.