Kiev Maidan will seem minor stuff compared to the Racial Maidan in the US

Racial protests in the United States, at first glance, are on the decline. In any case, their symbol, CHAZ (Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone), this paraphrase of the Kiev Maidan in 2014, has caved in half and now occupies only three blocks in Seattle.

Kiev Maidan will seem minor stuff compared to the Racial Maidan in the US

The creation of this kind of Maidan in Chicago, Portland and Nashville was not completed.

The most significant achievements of the first stage of the protests, in my opinion, were the following:

– The emergence of unsystematic mobilization leaders who are able to quickly ignite the crowd to perform new feats. Such as, for example, Kshama Savant, who headed the seizure of Seattle City Hall on June 11, or Raz Simon, who identified himself as a “military leader” and “commandant” there.

– Participation in protests openly designated as “black” by representatives of civic organizations of Latin Americans (Del Barrio), Asians of the Pacific Region (BAYAN USA), and Aboriginal Indians (American Indian Movement). It creates the feeling of a united interracial front, and this is surprising: a few years ago, the contradictions between blacks and Latinos seemed insurmountable.

But this is not the finish, but only a halt. Racial protests that are carefully supported and stimulated by the administrations of the “blue” (democratic) states in the United States will not be allowed to subside until this year’s main political issue, the fate of the presidency, is resolved.

After all, power, anyway, gives rise to a rifle (Mao Zedong). And the “rifle” inside the country is, first of all, the police, against which the tip of the “black” protests is directed, in which the vast majority are white supporters of the democratic party. Republican Trump understands this very well and, in order to prevent the dispersal of the police as an institution, he himself becomes the head of its reform.

On March 16, the President signed the Executive Orderon Safe Policing for Safe Communities. The highlights of this order are the prohibition of the use of asphyxiation (which is why Floyd died) and the creation of a database to track cases of excessive manifestation of force. In such circumstances, the cops will work, of course, more difficult – you won’t especially wave with a club, but the police apparatus itself is preserved and even the significance of the Prosecutor General, who is a supporter of Trump, is strengthened there.

The conclusion suggests itself: Trump is desperately “fighting for the police”.

And the pre-election “battles” seem to be happening not only for the cops. Late in the evening of November 15, I suddenly had a conversation with my friends from Los Angeles. At first I thought: “Well, it happens…”. And then it turned out that at that time in the United States “for more than 10 hours, thousands of T-Mobile mobile phone users in cities across the country on Monday experienced a disruption in their mobile phones”.

The next day, Business Insider posted a shutdown map, from which it follows that the “attack” was subjected to mobile communications mainly in the democratic (blue) states of the United States. And it touched not only T-mobile, but also AT & T, and Verizon, that is, the “prima-triple” of mobile operators in the United States.

I asked friends on the east and west coasts — and there was only one answer: there has never been such a massive disconnection of telephones throughout the country in the United States. The U.S. Federal Communications Commission began an investigation, but the Democrats, without waiting for the outcome, directly hinted at Trump’s role in this incident:

“In the light of this DDoS attack, we recall that @realDonaldTrump has abolished the post of coordinator for cybersecurity in the NSC in 2018. And in 2019, at least a dozen high-ranking officials quit the Obama-led cybersecurity mission. You can, of course, listen to these words of Congressman Democrat Ted Liu, but you can also recall the Proverbs of Solomon: “The wicked runs when no one chases him”.

In any case, it can be assumed that the “failure” on June 15 is an attempt to test the technology of manipulating (managing) the entire cellular network of the country in order to control the information flow. And remember that communication is the main problem of any Maidan. A controlling connection can equally well mobilize and dissolve it. I’ll allow myself a short story from the history of the Hong Kong Maidan in 2014:

“It’s not even necessary to suppress the cellular network – just as joking Chinese quilted jackets did, send an SMS like: “Student Liu, we learned that you were expelled from the university for 5 absenteeism in a row. It doesn’t matter – our job site will help you find your calling. The vacancies of construction workers, waiters, drivers”- and the terrible, painful cry of a young creak, who, when a competition of 280 people entered one place a year ago for something economic or legal, is heard even in Madagascar” (Ruslan Karmanov. Instructions for the prevention of Independence Square).

And, if my version has the right to life, then the Maidan across the ocean is planned “for the whole of America”. Judging by the disconnect map – from the state of Washington in the West to the city of Washington, DC in the East. And since the winners of the “race for the police” will not fail to use it, the Kiev Maidan will seem minor stuff.

Andrey Ganzha, REGNUM


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