Japanese Senator says the country can become mediator for rapprochement of Russia and the US

Japan may become a mediator for establishing relations between Russia and the United States in the interests of world stability, Japanese Senator Muneo Suzuki said in an interview.

Known for his efforts to improve relations between Japan and Russia and representing the “Japanese Revival Party”, this politician expressed hope for the opportunity to convince the United States of the importance of good relations between them and Russia.

Answering the question of whether the course of the American administration would influence Japan’s policy towards Russia, Suzuki said:

“The current US-Russian relations cannot be called too good, but I think: could Japan become an intermediary between these world powers, world leaders Russia and America, to get along with each other?”.

According to him, the United States and Russia should have friendly relations, “now it is not the time for quarrels”.

“The G7 summit, which was planned to be convened in June, was postponed to September. Japan should declare the importance of Russia to the American president. I strongly hope for such an opportunity”, – Suzuki emphasized.