Federation Council tells about possible strike by China on the US financial system

In response to the US sanctions against China, Beijing could strike at the American financial system, Senator Oleg Morozov said.

The US President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a law to protect the rights of Uyghurs in China, which provides for the imposition of sanctions against Chinese officials, the press service of the White House reported.

“The United States is conducting a hybrid war with China on all fronts. A sanction war has been added to the trade and information war”, – Morozov told the reporters on Thursday.

According to him, the reason is very doubtful, since this is a frank intervention in the internal affairs of the PRC and a clear demonstration of double standards, since “for some reason, such measures are not applied to US-friendly regimes where human rights are grossly violated”.

“All this indicates that the Americans will increase pressure on China, but it is also clear that counter measures will be very sensitive. And it is possible that one of the directions of such a response will be the US financial system, which is very vulnerable in terms of Chinese countermeasures”, – the parliamentarian concluded.