Federation Council comments on the extension of US sanctions against North Korea

The extension of the US sanctions against North Korea means a “clear” failure of American strategy on the Korean peninsula, Senator Oleg Morozov told the reporters.

The US President Donald Trump has extended the sanctions against North Korea for a year since 2008, according to the text of the notice signed by Trump, distributed on Wednesday by the White House.

“Trump today is forced to somehow justify the apparent failure of his strategy on the Korean Peninsula. North Korea makes it clear that without reliable international guarantees it will not refuse to improve its military potential. This is extremely dangerous. But the US strategy does not work to reduce this danger”, –  Morozov said.

He emphasized that so far Washington is signing its impotence in resolving the problems of the Korean Peninsula.

“It all started with aircraft carriers and threats. Then there was a phase of political embrace with Kim Jong-in, who was trying to awaken the abandonment of the nuclear program. All this was declared by the success of the US foreign policy. But it ended the same way it started. North Korea did not believe the Americans and didn’t refuse its policy that includes the nuclear program”, – the senator said.

Therefore, he stated, the extension of the regime of “national emergency” is indicated.

“But we must remember that this regime has not yet prompted the DPRK to take counter actions”, – Morozov emphasized.