Everything mixed up in the USA, but the most amazing thing happens in Europe

Everything mixed up in the Oblonsky house. Who is right, who is left, who is racist, who are from minorities – everything is messed up.

Popular Mechanics magazine publishes an article on how to destroy monuments most effective from an engineering point of view. The American Black Lives Matter Foundation, which has raised four million dollars in donations from companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Google, is in fact a private enterprise of some California music producer who is proclaiming “civil unity with the police”. Instagram at the same time is going to take into account the color of the skin when receiving a blue checkmark, which simply confirms the authenticity of the account.

But the most amazing thing is happening in Europe.

In France, protesters against racism shout anti-Semitic slogans. The curator of the Hertfordshire Museum of English publishes recipes on Twitter how to destroy bronze monuments using household chemicals. So that they cannot be restored. In the UK, they call for the closure of The Guardian, which now supports protests. Because it was based on money from the cotton plantations on which the slaves worked. And the UK Ministry of Health claims that the high mortality from coronavirus in their country is associated with systemic racism and, as a result, high mortality among immigrants.

French police after accusations of racism refuse to fulfill their duties, defiantly throwing handcuffs to the ground. Let the owners of the boutiques on the Champs Elysees and Rivoli Street defend their shop windows themselves. The German police are accused of racism by the co-chairman of the Social Democratic Party. The party, which, incidentally, openly sympathizes with the movement of Antifa. The very one that the US president wants to declare terrorist. And which now calls to demolish the statue of the British military commander Harris, who commanded a raid on Dresden. And whom the same Antifa movement asked several years ago to repeat this again.

Do you understand anything? Personally, I don’t understand anything for a long time. And no one understands anything.

German police are at a loss – what should they do? After all, if they are racists, that means that any of their actions against the rioters will be regarded as a manifestation of racism. And which of the cops needs this? Nobody needs it.

And soon the German police, apparently, will also throw handcuffs to the ground. So how will it all end? – you ask.

And I will answer you: it will not end. One day it will stop. Like summer rain.

And then, someday, of course, it will happen again. When the next protesters grow up.

Maxim Kononenko