Coronavirus has revealed another U.S. problem – how much it costs Americans to treat

Those United States citizens who managed to beat COVID-19 have to pass another test.

Coronavirus has revealed another U.S. problem - how much it costs Americans to treat

This is reported by The Guardian.

As noted in the media, when it seems that nothing can shock an American who has fallen ill with coronavirus, the country’s health care system can be surprising. So, Michael Flor, seventy, from Seattle, discovered he owed the hospital $1.1 million. Every day in the I.C.U. cost him more than $9,700. $409,000 was worth creating sterile conditions. Lucky for Flor, the insurance will cover that account. However, he is by no means the only one who has faced such a problem.

Janet Mendes, a 33-year-old New Yorker who nearly died of the coronavirus, was discharged from the hospital with a debt of $31,100. The situation is notable for the fact that later on the debt increased to an incredible $402 thousand. After that, the hospital assured that they would give the recent patient a “discount” at the expense of financial aid from the state. In the end, after the proceedings, Mendes still had over $75,000 to pay. The fact that a woman with coronavirus was barely able to keep up, let alone look for work in crisis, did not worry the administration of the medical institution.

According to The Guardian, although the government has tried to cover the cost of treatment of patients with COVID-19 for health care providers, there are still many loopholes that have been exploited by doctors. For example, they could send the bills directly to the patient. In addition, depending on the nature of insurance, patients can get into thousands of dollars in debt.

“For those who do not have insurance, even in the world with the Affordable Care Act, the consequences are even worse”, –  the media stresses. – “No serious economic recovery is possible if thousands of people choose between paying their health care bills or buying products.”

The publication also deplored the fact that States had to face an epidemic of incredible proportions in order for officials to draw attention to “the tragic absurdity of health care.


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