Atlanta police did not answer calls after indictment

Atlanta police officers did not answer calls in three of the six areas of the police department a few hours after ex-policeman Garrett Rolf, suspected of killing African-American Rayshard Brooks, was charged, CNN reported citing several sources in the Atlanta police department.

Atlanta police did not answer calls after indictment

According to the channel, “unusually many” night shift officers said they were sick.

In turn, the police department denied this information.

In Atlanta, protests began over the death on Friday of African-American Reichard Brooks while being detained by police. Brooks, who was drunk asleep in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant, was detained by the police, but began to resist, pulled out a stun gun from the policeman and tried to escape. Policeman Garrett Rolf opened fire. Brooks died in the hospital. The prosecutor’s office accuses Rolf, who had previously been fired from the police, of 11 articles, including the charge of murder.


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