US Administration blocks distribution of Bolton’s book for revealing Trump’s vices

Former National Security Advisor John Bolton in his new book exposed tough vices of the incumbent American president, including bribery. Trump was prepared not to conduct investigations in order to “provide personal service to the dictators who appealed to him”.

US Administration blocks distribution of Bolton's book for revealing Trump's vices

After extracts from memoirs to be published later this month in various news outlets, the Trump administration filed an urgent provisional court order against Bolton on Wednesday evening, trying to prevent the publication of materials.

Trump himself tweeted that the book is “made up of lies and fake stories”, and called Bolton “an unhappy boring fool who just wanted to go to war”.

Bolton claims Trump has been begging Chinese President Xi Jinping to help him win the upcoming elections by purchasing more agricultural products from the United States.

The book states that Trump sought to establish friendships with Xi Jinping. However, he did not pay attention to human rights issues, and encouraged the communist leader to continue to build concentration camps for the Muslim Uyghur population of China.

Thus, Bolton wants to convey the idea that the investigation into the Trump impeachment case should have taken a completely different scale, going far beyond the Ukrainian question.

Excerpts from Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Washington Post suggest that Bolton has exposed Trump’s bribery-based behavior that helps leverage US influence in other countries.

“This model looked like an obstacle to justice, a way of life that the Americans could not accept”, – Bolton writes, adding that he expressed his concerns to Attorney General William Barr.


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