Will Trump zero America’s status as a “world policeman”?

The US President Donald Trump, recently participating in the graduation ceremony of the Military Academy at West Point, made a speech and said that “the United States is not a world policeman”, the duty of the American army is to protect the national security of the country, and not to recreate foreign states.

Will Trump zero America's status as a “world policeman”?

Everyone knows that the US military is the army, which is mainly located abroad, the US air force bases are located in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific region, they formed a huge system of troops abroad. From the period of the Cold War to the post-Cold War period, the United States of America fought successive foreign wars. American politicians are accustomed to claiming that “key interests are at stake,” rarely pay attention to threats within the country. Concerned about the post-war reconstruction of the states, the United States is not interested in economic recovery, they are more concerned about the re-establishment of the security order and the system of political power that are necessary to service American hegemony. It is this restoration that is the key to the US military affairs and diplomacy. Washington places its military bases in different parts of the world and forcibly maintains an order favorable to the United States; he never refused such actions.

Trump’s speech at the Military Academy was controversial. First of all, the declaration of unwillingness to be a “world policeman” contradicts US actions to increase armaments and provoke hostilities everywhere. In his speech, Trump noted that in order to recreate the American army, his administration had already invested more than 2 trillion US dollars in the purchase of new models of ships, bombers, fighters and guided missiles, as well as in the development of hypersonic missiles. In addition, the United States also created space forces. All this, obviously, does not indicate the formation of an army of exclusively defensive nature.

Secondly, the declaration of unwillingness to be a “world policeman” contradicts the spread of American values ​​everywhere. In fact, the United States is constantly spreading its values; after the Cold War, the US Army carries out humanitarian interventions, “color revolutions” and hybrid wars in various places around the world.

Thirdly, the declaration of unwillingness to be a “world policeman” contradicts the constant provocation of regional conflicts and clashes. Less than six months ago, the US state security agencies killed the chief Iranian military leader, which caused tension in the Persian Gulf. In addition, Washington intervenes in affairs in Chinese Taiwan and the situation in the South China Sea region, promotes provocations between allies and partners, complicating the situation in the region. Given all these facts, it is impossible for the United States and the US Army not to be a world policeman; American hegemony and the country’s hegemonic strategy will not change. The status and actions of the “world policeman” have long been closely linked to the hegemony and interests of the United States.

Trump’s speech had some other meaning, hid a secret plan.

Not so long ago, Trump brought in large-scale action by American troops and the National Guard to pacify unrest in the country. This is extremely rare in US history, Trump was exposed to the opposition within the US Army, and retired US generals made public accusations. In this regard, the inability to use the military solely to guarantee the interests of US national security will not only lead to Trump losing political points and support before the election, but will also witness the decline of American politics.

Yang Yuqing, Renmin Ribao, China


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