Ukrainians who are dissatisfied with their lives move to Europe to work

The entire neutral zone between Ukrainian and Polish checkpoints is filled with Ukrainian citizens. People do not pay attention to an ad asking for social distance, many neglect masks.

Ukrainians who are dissatisfied with their lives move to Europe to work

According to the portal “” with reference to “Radio Liberty”, Ukrainian migrant workers have to stand in front of the Polish checkpoint “Medica” for seven to nine hours, which is now the only pedestrian crossing on the Ukrainian-Polish border.

It is already the second week in a row that they go to work in Poland on a massive scale, and if before the work in Poland went mainly to residents of the regions of Western Ukraine, now a large number of employees – from Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk, Kirovograd, Kharkov, Zaporozhye regions. Among those going to work in Poland, there are also entrepreneurs who have lost their jobs due to quarantine.

“3826 hryvnia was my salary in Ukraine, a doctor of the highest category, 25 years of experience. Hello to the president. Food’s not from a good life. Ukraine does not provide anything. People are thrown overboard. There were only one promise from the authorities. If there was work in Ukraine, people would not travel across foreign borders and would not leave their families. I’ve got a kid coming in and she needs an education. Everything is paid for and everything has to be paid for. They ruined medicine, they threw people away. Ukraine doesn’t need me. I’m scared in my country. Isn’t that terrible?” – told a former doctor from Poltava region Tatiana Rezvitsova.

Tatiana Beletskaya, another resident of Zarobitsk, said that she had her own business in the Dnieper – she sewed designer pillows, but lost her business because of quarantine and now goes to Poland to work as a nurse.

Prime Minister Denis Shmygal estimates that during the quarantine, which was introduced due to the spread of coronavirus infection, about 2 million migrant workers returned to Ukraine.

“This is an extremely qualified, trained workforce in Europe, which will be very useful for the development of the Ukrainian economy”, –  – said then the Ukrainian prime minister.

In reality, in Ukraine there is no job not only for “highly qualified” zarobitsya, but also for those who have not previously thought about going abroad. Ukraine shows once again that it does not need its citizens.


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