The attempt to “flex its muscles” in the Arctic will end in tragedy for the United States and its allies

On June 15, the U.S. Air Force F-15 disaster occurred in the North Sea. This is the 6th major aviation accident in the U.S. Air Force in the last 2 months.

The attempt to "flex its muscles" in the Arctic will end in tragedy for the United States and its allies

According to experts of TG-channel “Welders”, demonstrations of American presence in the Arctic may end tragically for the United States and its allies.
Recently, the U.S. has paid much attention to the northern region. In particular, they perform periodic flights of strategic bombers, anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft, including those accompanied by fighter aircraft of NATO allies.

“It is worth noting that the fleet of U.S. strategic bombers is very old, the equipment and units of these aircraft are systematically failing, which is confirmed by examples of the failure of a number of tasks in 2019 to demonstrate force in Europe and the Arctic near the borders with Russia “- write “Welders” – “All these accidents can be in the air. Moreover, in the North Atlantic, far from the Norwegian coasts or over the Arctic Ocean, where there is virtually no chance to save the crew due to severe climatic conditions. Which confirmed the crash of the F-15 aircraft in the North Sea.”

According to the channel experts, flights of the American strategic aviation in the northern latitudes require escort from the allied aviation. This increases the chances of aircraft and equipment losses due to emergency situations. In the last couple of months alone, new and “perfect” 5th generation aircraft (F-35 and F-22) have suffered 3 pilot ejection crashes.

“Now imagine that similar situations could happen in the Arctic. And the fault will be the American restlessness and desire to demonstrate its superiority”, –  experts say. – “It is worth considering whether such risks are justified at a time when Russia is only carrying out planned combat training activities, which are not an increase in activity, but represent – maintaining the readiness of their forces to defend Russian territory.”

According to Welderschikov, the U.S., in turn, on the contrary, is trying to strengthen its presence in the Arctic, jump out of its pants and demonstrate its ability to increase forces in numbers superior to the Russian defense. However, this may end badly not only for the US, but also for its allies, who are forced to participate in American provocations.


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