Russian business giants leave Baltic states

Russophobic policies of the Baltic states cost them millions of investments by Russian companies.

Russian business giants leave Baltic states

According to GID55, the governments of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania do not attempt to retain Russian companies. Millions of investments on their own and without looking back leave these countries.

“Against the background of such a tense situation, the large and smaller Russian business is leaving the Baltic economy, Rosatom has already left this territory, as a result of which Lithuania buys electricity in Europe. Representative Office of Gazprom, Uralkali, Uralchima Acron and other large companies have already ceased operations. They left with tax revenue and jobs”, – the journalists of the newspaper say.

All port companies relocated from the Baltic countries to the ports of the Russian Federation. The departure of only Uralkali, which in 2018 became the leader among Latvian companies in transferring insurance premiums per employee, responded to the downtime of the Baltic ports after the transshipment from Latvia to the ports of Russia in 2019.

Fighting with the legacy of the Soviet Union, the Baltic countries are in fact sawing the branch on which they sit, because all the infrastructure that could interest foreign investors was created under the USSR.

“After the collapse of the Union, Russia’s desire was and remains to continue to cooperate with the Baltic states. And the current Western “friends” use these countries only as the so-called defense shield”, – the authors of the article summarize.


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