Media says Iranian artillery shelled Iraqi Kurdistan

Artillery of the Iranian army shelled on Tuesday a village in the province of Erbil in the autonomous region of Iraqi Kurdistan. This was reported by the Iraqi agency Shafaq, citing sources in the local administration.

Media says Iranian artillery shelled Iraqi Kurdistan

“Iranian artillery bombarded the village of Alan in the border region of Hajj Umran”, – the report said.

The agency added that the attack coincided in time with flights over the area of ​​Turkish fighters. No official information is provided on victims and victims. According to eyewitnesses living in the area, the bombing did no harm to anyone.

It is also reported that a day earlier the border areas were subjected to another similar shelling.

Recently Turkey announced the launch of a new operation, “Tiger Claw” against the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), banned in the country, in the Haftanin region of Iraq. On Monday, the Turkish Ministry of Defense announced that the Turkish Air Force conducted a major air operation in northern Iraq, destroying 81 PKK targets and striking at its bases in Sinjar, Karajak, Kandil, Zapa, Gar, Avashin and Hakurka.

The joint command of the Iraqi Armed Forces condemned the invasion of Turkish aviation, regarding it as a violation of the sovereignty of the country. The Foreign Ministry of Iraq presented the Turkish Ambassador to the country with a note of protest.


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