In Montenegro, more than 20 people were detained during a police action

Twenty-three people, including members of the public services, were detained as a result of an action by the Montenegrin police in Budva municipality, one policeman was injured, said the country’s police department.

In Montenegro, more than 20 people were detained during a police action
The municipal government of the tourist capital of Montenegro has been under pressure from the ruling Democratic Party of Socialists and its coalition partners since autumn 2019. Several attempts to re-elect local authorities and change them administratively have not been successful before. The Special Counter-Terrorism Unit of the Montenegrin Police (SAJ) on Wednesday morning held a security action during which Budva mayor Marko Tsarevic from DS, chairman of the Assembly (Municipal Assembly) Krsto Radovic from the Democratic Montenegro Party and other members of the local opposition leadership were detained.

“As a result of police intervention this morning, the crowd broke the windows on the front doors of the municipality building. Among those gathered were members of municipal services – Protection and Rescue Services and Municipal Police, who also actively resisted police officers in the performance of their duties”, –  reported the Montenegrin Police Directorate.

The Interior Ministry condemned the actions of rescuers and community policemen and accused them of irresponsibility and unprofessionalism, “as these services are part of a unified security system and should contribute”.

“For resisting and obstructing police officers in the performance of their duties, 23 persons have been detained, including several members of the aforementioned services”, – the agency said.

It is noted that one police officer was injured in the riots and received medical treatment, the cases of detainees were referred to the prosecutor’s office, and the conduct of municipal officials will be examined “for abuse of authority”.


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