Foreign Ministry assesses Ukraine’s obtaining the status of NATO partner, mentions Alliance’s disinterest in resolving Ukrainian conflict

Ukraine received NATO partner status with expanded capabilities for political reasons, such a decision encourages the destructive course of Kiev, Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Wednesday.

Foreign Ministry assesses Ukraine's obtaining the status of NATO partner, mentions Alliance's disinterest in resolving Ukrainian conflict

“No matter what NATO says about this decision, the political motive is obvious – in the conditions when Kiev openly sabotages the implementation of the Minsk agreements, which the alliance itself has said many times. Kiev continues to wage the war in the Donbass, the decision simply cannot be evaluated differently, except as purposeful encouragement of such a destructive course of the Ukrainian authorities”, – Zakharova said during a weekly briefing.

As the Russian diplomat noted, “by writing out new bonuses”, NATO countries “in fact demonstrate their disinterest in resolving the intra-Ukrainian conflict”.

“Otherwise, it will be difficult to continue to frighten the inhabitants with a far-fetched Russian threat and to pump up the alliance’s eastern flank”, – Zakharova said.


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