Federation Council expresses readiness for dialogue with parliaments of all countries

The Federation Council expresses its readiness for a parliamentary dialogue with colleagues from all countries, regardless of possible disagreements at the interstate level, the statement said by senators on Wednesday.

Federation Council expresses readiness for dialogue with parliaments of all countries

“The Federation Council confirms its readiness to intensify relations with foreign parliaments, regardless of the difficulties and disagreements in bilateral relations, since it is dialogue, and not the language of sanctions and ultimatums, that is the only way to solve the problems that are currently pressing”, – the document says.

Congratulating colleagues on International Parliamentary Day, senators urge foreign parliaments to join forces to expand inter-parliamentary relations, effectively coordinate actions to find solutions to key issues on the international agenda, “remove obstacles to interstate dialogue as opposed to the use of force and sanctions, any form of interference with internal affairs of sovereign states and pressure on their democratic institutions”.

Lawmakers also state the need for parliamentarians around the world to join forces in countering the threats and challenges facing humanity.

“The Federation Council calls on the parliaments of foreign states to join forces to find joint answers to the challenges and threats that humanity is facing today”, – the statement emphasizes.

According to senators, the deliberate actions of a number of states advocating a kind of “rule-based order” lead to erosion of international law, the destruction of decades-old system of international agreements in the field of arms control, which again caused a real danger of nuclear confrontation.

“There is still a threat of international terrorism to all of humanity, including due to the existing contradictions between the states that make the greatest contribution to the fight against this common evil. Climate change and the spread of coronavirus infection are also actual threats to global stability”, – the Federation Council states.

Senators note that under these conditions, the role and importance of international parliamentarism and parliamentary diplomacy should increase, “designed to establish and encourage dialogue even where communications on all other channels are interrupted or do not develop”.

The Federation Council is confident that parliamentarism in the modern world has become not only the most important institution of the political systems of the vast majority of the states of the world, but also an integral component of international relations, and its creative and peacekeeping potential is far from exhausted.

Senators also urge international parliamentary organizations, including PACE and others, to join efforts in finding joint answers to modern challenges and threats.

“The interests of international parliamentarism are in the active interaction of inter-parliamentary organizations with the aim of forming and implementing a single agenda for the Inter-Parliamentary Union. We consider it unacceptable and dangerous to erect artificial barriers to the progressive development of parliamentarism and inter-parliamentary dialogue. We categorically condemn sanctions against parliamentarians, which are a form of gross and massive violation of their rights voters”, – the Federation Council said in a statement.


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