Expert says police reform is not likely to pull US out of crisis

The order aimed at police reforming, signed by Trump, will not be able to globally change the situation of the current crisis, according to several American experts. This is stated in the USA Today edition.

Expert says police reform is not likely to pull US out of crisis

One of the points of the order is the creation of a national database that will allow departments to monitor employees’ abuse of authority, as well as quickly respond to challenges related to homelessness, drug addiction and mental illness.

At the same time, the executive order does not address issues of systemic racism and radical changes in politics, which, according to activists and some experts, are crucial for the effectiveness of criminal justice reform.

Kendall Thomas, a law professor at Columbia University who works on racism, policing and constitutional law, said Trump’s order didn’t show commitment to any major political change, and emphasized that reform remains focused on police training, not on community security.

“This order was not aimed at anything more than maintaining the status quo”, – he said.

“This is not about adopting a policy that would put an end to punitive policing, but about gradual reforms that will make punitive policing more powerful”.

The problem is that the bill on police reform, prepared by the Democrats and suggesting an increase in the responsibility of law enforcement officials for the violations committed, will not change the current situation. As the author of a recent publication published in the New York Times rightly noted, American society specifically creates conditions that support a radical paradigm where concentrated poverty coexists with circles of white elites, and this system has developed historically.


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