Expert comments on imposing new US sanctions against Syria, reveals violent consequences

The new US sanctions against Syria will primarily affect ordinary Syrians, despite the fact that Washington says the opposite, Andrei Chuprygin, senior teacher at the School of Oriental Studies at the HSE School of World Economy and International Affairs, told the reporters.

Expert comments on imposing new US sanctions against Syria, reveals violent consequences

Earlier, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo announced the introduction of new sanctions against Syria under the Caesar law, and they will also include the president of the SAR, Bashar Assad, and his wife. According to him, this will be the beginning of a consistent campaign of economic and political pressure to deprive Syrian authorities of income and support.

“The words of Pompeo that these sanctions are directed against the ruling elite and do not concern the humanitarian component, this is a great cunning. These sanctions under the law of “Caesar” even further screw nuts to simple Syrians. Ricochet flies to the Syrian people, to the Syrian village or to an ordinary apartment in a city in Syria, where people are trying to just survive. The blow from the rebound will be much stronger than for Assad or his wife”, – the expert said.

According to him, international non-profit organizations providing humanitarian assistance, as a rule, act when “the title sponsor gives them money”.

“And if this title sponsor, which is looking at sanctions, is afraid to deal with Syria, this means that any humanitarian aid against the Syrians will stumble on these sanctions that the US is putting into effect”, – the analyst said.

The political scientist drew attention to the fact that the Americans like to operate with sanctions policies so much that they consider this to be an indicator that they are fighting for all the good against all the bad.

“But in fact, the opposite is true”, – Chuprygin emphasized.

According to the expert, American politicians are imposing regular sanctions against Syria for their own pride.

“It’s important for any American politician to say, looking in the mirror, that he’s cool. Now they have the opportunity to say it. This is a political performance. For some reason, Americans believe that if they introduce economic isolation of the regime they hate, then in the end the people will rise up against this regime, but the farther to the East, the reaction will be exactly the opposite. They don’t want to understand this”, – Chuprygin concluded.


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