Radicals have organized a mass protest in Kiev

Today Kyiv is restless, protests of the Nazis supporting Sternenko continue.

It is noted that radicals have begun to attack small police groups. This is because the activists felt the weakness of the police and began to attack the security forces. Radicals are waiting for reinforcements and are being brought to court. It is also stressed that attempts to stir up confrontation will continue and after that it is planned to lead people to mass protests.

Just to remind you, on 11 June, the Ukrainian Security Service handed Serhiy Sternenko a suspicion under Part 1 of Article 115 (premeditated murder) and Part 2 of Article 263 (illegal carrying of weapons).
We are talking about the events that took place back in 2018. According to the SBU, then Sternenko caught up with the alleged attacker Kuznetsov after the skirmish and killed him by stabbing him in the heart.
According to eyewitnesses to the events that are now unfolding in Kiev, the judge and prosecutors ran away from the building. The organizers of the protests call on all those present to move to the building of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.


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