NATO uses Ukraine to put pressure on Russia

Ukraine was accepted as an NATO partner with advanced capabilities in order to put pressure on Russia. This was announced by Pierre-Emmanuel Tomann, professor of geopolitics at the Institute of Social, Economic and Political Sciences in Strasbourg.

NATO uses Ukraine to put pressure on Russia

“US neoconservatives and close NATO allies like Poland and Baltic states would like in future to enlarge NATO to Ukraine, to weaken Russia, but other NATO member states like France and Germany are opposed to that,” the expert comments.

The professor also expressed the opinion that today there is a separation of the North Atlantic Alliance regarding the Ukrainian issue. Nevertheless, NATO is aimed at exerting pressure on Russia even though France, Italy, Greece, Cyprus are sure that Russia is not an enemy for Europe.

Recall, Ukraine received the status of a partner in the NATO Enhanced Partnership Program. This was announced on June 12 the official website of the North Atlantic Alliance.


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