More than a million people have registered for the Trump rally

The current president’s election speech will take place in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

More than a million people have registered for the Trump rally

According to TG-channel “Drobnitsky,” more than a million people have registered for Donald Trump’s election speech in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

“It is clear that at least half of those registered did not think to go to Tulsa. Okay, they were expressing support. The city, of course, can’t accommodate 500,000. For him and 200,000 visitors to accept the problem. And the arena is designed for a maximum of 30,000. Plus 20,000-30,000 outside in front of the screens. But that’s a lot too”, –  said the expert.

According to the authors of the channel, one should hardly expect from BLM and the antifacto of ignoring the pro-Trampa event. The only question is whether they will be configured to fight or only on provocation.

“I would like to remind you that BLM made a big entry into politics in March 2016 in Chicago. Then the left-wing activists managed to disrupt Trump’s election rally. But the Lulius were also snatched out of the antifascists. There was no massacre – the police were still working in the U.S. back then”, – the expert writes. – “So, Saturday June 20 is a big day for American politics. And it’s a very restless, disturbing day.”


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