Britain learns the charms of Brexit: Program to reload tourism has bypassed the kingdom

The EU did not include Great Britain in its project aimed at restoring tourism after the coronavirus pandemic.

Britain learns the charms of Brexit - a program to reload tourism has bypassed the kingdom

This was reported by The Guardian, citing a comment by a representative of the European Commission.

The project involves the creation of an application and a site that allows travelers in real time to learn information about the distribution of coronavirus and current restrictions in a particular region.

The United Kingdom bypassed the project. According to the EC, the British government did not request participation.

“Information was not provided by the UK. The information was based on questionnaires, and I don’t think that we received information from the UK, ”the European official said.

In turn, a representative of the British government admitted that London did not expect the kingdom to be included in the project. At the same time, he emphasized that the country’s authorities are transmitting data on coronavirus to Brussels in the framework of international cooperation.


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