One of the British libraries will be burning “wrong” books

The Royal University Library of London stated that as part of the fight against “structural racism” in British society, certain books from the collection would be burned. The Library’s management also apologized that they had not taken such action earlier.

One of the British libraries will be burning "wrong" books

“We have reflected on our role in combating racism and recognize that we must do more to counter this phenomenon and support our black ethnic minority community. With this in mind, we have created a list of books to address this issue”, –  the University Library said.

The “wrong” books will be “removed” by burning. In response to the library’s censorship, British politician and Brexit party leader Nigel Faraj said that “the burning of the book has begun and such fanaticism is extremely dangerous”.

“This move by the Royal Holloway Library is among similar calls to ‘cleanse’ statues, books, films and television programmes that are considered offensive to contemporary left-wing feelings”, –  he said.

Despite the declared intention of left radicals to fight racism and fascism, the act of burning books is most often associated with Hitler’s Germany, Faraj added.


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