In Moldova, the analogue of Ukrainian leading party is hastily formed

While the opposition forces of Moldova are collaborating with a runaway corrupt official and making extremely unpopular decisions, discrediting themselves, a new pro-Western political force has been formed in the republic.

In Moldova, the analogue of Ukrainian leading party is hastily formed

The formation was called “Partidul Acasă Construim Europa” or “Building Europe at home.” The founders of the project call it a pro-European union with the liberal social doctrine. The head of PACE was elected former deputy chief of the General Inspectorate of Police Georgy Kavkalyuk.

The press release on the occasion of the creation of the party says that the peculiarity of the political force is that its members have never been in politics and are professionals in the field of medicine, sports, business, research, art, etc. The project resembles the party “Servant of the people”, which is now ruling in Ukraine. It also included people without political and legislative experience. Earlier, they even arranged express courses of deputy activity.

The appearance of a similar project in Moldova is explained by the fact that there are no pro-Western political groups left, which the society at least somehow trusts. The parties “Dignity and Truth” by Andrei Nastase and “Action and Solidarity” by Maya Sandu broke their previous promises and began to work with lobbyists for the interests of the fugitive oligarch and criminal Vladimir Plahotniuc. Their alliance aims to remove the current government and president.


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