French police officers are protesting against allegations of racism and violence


The guardians of order in France are outraged by allegations of racism

In Paris, the law enforcement guards, accompanied by two dozen service vans, protested with banners: “If there is no police, no peace!”, “We are not racists!”

The police were outraged by their immediate superior, Interior Minister Christophe Castanar. He said that from now on police officers would be forbidden to use “asphyxiating techniques” in detention, and promised to systematically fire those on whom “an identified suspicion of racism will fall”.

Although French police officers are not allowed to go on strike by status, they are determined not to patrol, detain criminals and respond only to emergency calls.

It is not difficult to imagine what the streets of French cities will become if this threat is realized. The riot of the “yellow vests” would then seem to be an easy warm-up.


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