France considers Turkish aggression in Libya unacceptable

French President Emmanuel Macron has criticized the Turkish authorities for military intervention in Libyan affairs.

France considers Turkish aggression in Libya unacceptable

The French leader critically commented on Turkey’s intervention in Libya, saying the Turkish side is aggressively interfering in the affairs of the North African country. Macron stressed that Paris qualifies Ankara’s actions as unacceptable and opposes them.

According to the president, Turkey continues to violate the United Nations ban on arms supplies to Libya. He pointed out that now there are seven Turkish ships off the Libyan coast that deliver weapons and armored vehicles to the militants of the so-called Government of National Accord. Turkey is using its NATO membership to continue deliveries of military cargo, as European ships cannot use force against a member country of the Alliance.

Macron was also unhappy with NATO’s position on the situation in Syria. The head of state regretted the silence of the alliance in the context of the Turkish attacks on the territory of the Syrian Arab Republic.


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