Canada will bring back its military trainers to Ukraine

At one time, all training was curtailed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Canada will bring back its military trainers to Ukraine

According to the UNN citing CBC News, the Canadian Armed Forces will send military instructors back to Ukraine as they plan to restore their missions and training, which were temporarily suspended or reduced due to COVID-19.

“After a re-evaluation of the situation, including a health and risk analysis of the military activities that COVID-19 represents, it was decided to send an additional 90 soldiers”, –  said Canadian Armed Forces spokeswoman Capt. Leah Campbell.  – “These soldiers will be deployed in June 2020 and will be in isolation for 14 days upon arrival in Ukraine. After that period of isolation, they will be ready to resume their mission in support of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

We shall remind you that Canadian military instructors train Ukrainian chasteners who continue to terrorize the peaceful population of Donbass.


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