Protests in London: Johnson condemns, demonstrators go wild

More than 100 people were arrested on Saturday in London as a result of two protests – one from the far right and one from supporters of the anti-racist Black Lives Matter movement. According to the radical right, their goal was to protect the monument to former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill from demolition.

BBC informs about the results of the riots on Sunday, June 14.

On Saturday afternoon, hundreds of football fans and ultra-right, drunk, headed to the Cenotaph War Memorial on Whitehall and gathered around the statue of Winston Churchill, packed in a box by the authorities with the aim of protection against protesters.

According to journalists, after a while, the right-wing radicals clashed with the police, threw smoke bombs and bottles at them, and shot them from fireworks. As a result of numerous clashes, 15 people were injured, including 2 police officers. More than 100 people were arrested.

Also yesterday, in central London, one of the right-wing protesters urinated at a memorial in memory of police officer Keith Palmer. Palmer died in 2017, he did not allow a lone terrorist with a knife to get into the Palace of Westminster. Law enforcers are already finding out who desecrated this memorial.

According to Scotland Yard, law enforcement officers detained people for attacks on the police, possession of prohibited weapons, disturbance, drunkenness and unrest, as well as possession of hard drugs.

It is worth noting that incidents of the protest against the racism of Black Lives Matte, which took place in Hyde Park and the Marble Arch, were not additionally reported.

Recall that yesterday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson criticized right-wing radicals who had clashes with police and attacked the participants in the Black Lives Matters demonstration.

He condemned “racist thuggery” after far-right protesters clashed in London on Saturday with anti-racist demonstrators and police trying to keep the two sides apart.

“Racist thuggery has no place on our streets”, – Johnson said on Twitter.

“Anyone attacking our police will be met with the full force of the law”.