America may not survive elections

It would be almost a miracle if the November 3 presidential election reveals the winner – so far everything is going to ensure that this day will completely split America, depriving the future president of legitimacy.

Yes, a large part of the Americans and the majority of the establishment, in fact, did not recognize (and do not recognize) Donald Trump as their president – but legally they still consider him the head of state. Now the stakes have risen – we are talking about the non-recognition of the election results themselves.

The current unrest has not only increased the likelihood of such a development of events – it has sharply increased the degree of tension and especially the rhetoric of mutual hatred. Moreover, the opponents of Trump are betting on “more hell” – although after so many years of accusing him of anything, from Russian ties to misogyny, it seemed like nothing new could be invented. But now we see how a new accusation against Trump is being born – which has every chance of becoming the key one, overshadowing “indulging Putin” and even racism.

Trump is declared the usurper of power – not because he won the election in 2016 thanks to Russian intervention (this is understandable), but because he is not going to recognize the results of the 2020 elections. This is now, in fact, the official position of the Democratic Party.

Back in April, Joe Biden scared Americans by saying that because of the coronavirus, Trump “will try to somehow cancel the elections, come up with some justification why they cannot be held” – these were absolutely far-fetched accusations, but, as it turned out, the former vice president was just warming up. On Friday on CNN’s broadcast, Biden said he was most worried that “the incumbent President will try to steal the election” (in particular because Trump calls the postal vote fraud), and when asked if he was considering the possibility that Trump might refuse to leave his post, Biden not only agreed with this assumption, but also predicted the development of events:

“I’m damn proud of our military. <…> I promise, I am absolutely convinced that they will quickly send him out of the White House”.

Biden said his pride was that many prominent military personnel, including those who worked with Trump, criticized the president’s reaction to the protests and pogroms that swept America after the death of George Floyd, and his threat to use the army to suppress riots. Well, in general, Biden said, “many ordinary soldiers say that the United States is not a militaristic state. Indeed, the former Secretary of Defense for the Trump administration, James Mattis, said last week that the protests were fair, and Trump did not even pretend to try to unite the American people”.

“When I entered military service, about 50 years ago, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution. I never thought that the troops taking the same oath would ever be ordered to violate the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens – much less to provide the elected commander in chief with the opportunity to participate in a strange photo shoot surrounded by the military leadership”.

We are talking about Trump’s visit to St. John’s Washington Church on June 1, recently set on fire by protesters. The head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milli was with him. On that day, Trump called on governors and mayors to restore order (after all, the police and the National Guard under their command), promising, if they could not cope, to use against the rioters was at his disposal – army, but his words turned as if he threatened to throw troops at peaceful demonstrators.

The press and the liberal establishment began to shame the “accomplices of the crime” – especially, the military. And General Millie eventually “admitted his mistakes”:

“I shouldn’t have been there. <…> My presence at that moment and in that situation created the feeling that the military was involved in domestic politics”.

That is, restoring order in the country, for which the President, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, is responsible, is equated with the internal political struggle and internal affairs?

It is clear that Trump was not going to throw troops against the demonstrators, he just wanted to force the local authorities (most of which, by the way, belong to the Democrats, because it was in their states and cities that the most violent riots were and continue in places) to restore order. And he achieved this – albeit a threat to use the troops. But as a result, the army turned away from him? So Minister of Defense Mark Esper (himself not a military man, but a civilian) bluntly stated that he did not support the application of the law “On counteracting rebellion” to suppress civil unrest – Trump allegedly even thought about dismissing him for such statements.

In fact, Trump’s relationship with the army is much more complicated. Nobody turned away from him – because among the current military, and among retirees and veterans, his support was always great. Most of the military will vote for Trump in November too – and the current riots will only increase his rating in the army. Trump attracted almost more generals to his administration than any of his predecessors in recent history – and although he eventually parted with many of them (through his own fault, due to the machinations of enemies or because of differences of opinion), the army command a priori refers to Trump better than to the completely corrupt Washington marsh opposing him.

But what is Biden talking about then? Why is he threatening Trump with army intervention?

Because he wants to present Trump as a violator of laws, as a man who despises the will of the American people: in November, the people will elect Biden as president (but it cannot be otherwise – you look at what this “Putin friend” has brought the country to), and Trump will refuse to recognize the election results. What will the army have to do? Only intervene to protect the American democracy from a crazy tyrant.

Such a calculation would have been justified if it had really been for Trump to usurp power – refused to recognize the results of the November 3 elections and transfer power to the new president. Then the appearance on January 20, 2021 of a group of military men in the White House to escort (that is how Biden’s words can be translated) the president would be at least somehow explainable – and that would be only if all other power institutions ceased to work and their decisions would not be run. That is, the courts and congress recognize the election results, and only Trump refuses. For some reason, the FBI and other federal power services are also inactive – and here the military has to enter the scene – as the last defenders of the American democracy. In order not to bring the matter to the last, not to call on the armed people to overthrow the tyrant.

But the situation in the United States is developing in the exact opposite direction: it is not Trump who is going to steal the victory, but they want to deprive him of legal power. Moreover, they have been doing this since the day when he won the election on November 8, 2016 – so far, judging by the same case of Michael Flynn, only small details of the real conspiracy that was drawn up in the “Washington Swamp” are visible. All the years, Trump was driven into a corner, poisoned, set up, misinterpreted – but failed to deprive the authorities of even contrived impeachment. Now everything goes to his re-election for a second term – no matter what polls show (which were also mistaken in 2016, not to mention that the fate of the elections is determined not by a national rating, but by voting in only a few of the so-called vacant states). It is absolutely impossible to allow Trump to be re-elected for the “Washington swamp” – in addition, in the second term, the president can also get a Trampist (not to be confused with the republican) congress.

Therefore, Trump will be given the last and decisive battle – in which he must be defeated at all costs.

Racial and social unrest will be the reason for the swing of the anti-Trumpist campaign – and the fact that you have to pay for it by increasing real tension in society and deepening not even the polarization, but the split in America, well, Trump is to blame. Why was he even elected as a president – that’s why everything got aggravated because of him!

Such a perverse logic is characteristic of a considerable part of the fighters with Trump who do not want to admit that Trump is not a disease, but its consequence. You can not consider it a medicine – but you need to be blind so as not to see the causes of the disease. And they are that the traditional elites, of which Joe Biden is a typical representative, they have completely broken away from the problems and values ​​of an ordinary American, whether he is white or black, civilian or military. Trying to steal a victory from Trump in November, the “Washington swamp” will drown everyone: both itself and the America that its current president is trying to pull out of the quagmire.

The scenario is already clear: during the counting of votes in the November 3 elections, several disputed constituencies, and eventually the states, will be suspended (for this purpose, fraudulent voting by mail will also be useful). Thus, Trump will not be able to be declared the winner – there will be courts, recounting of ballots. As a result, everything will drag on for several weeks, and in the meantime, the press will write about Baiden’s increasingly likely victory. Demonstrations against Trump will begin across the country demanding to ensure a “peaceful transfer” of power, which, naturally, is threatened by the “usurper”.

If Trump rests and stands to the end, not giving up the fight for his victory, a campaign of civil disobedience will begin. After that, Trump supporters, angry white hard workers, will already take to the streets. Many with weapons in their hands.
How can this scenario not be realized? Only Trump’s confident victory in most of the vacillating states. True, in this case, the “Washington Swamp” will have a backup scenario: to take people to the streets on November 4. To start seizing power, demanding that state parliaments not recognize Trump. But this will already be a direct uprising, against which Trump will have every reason to apply the same law on the rebellion of 1807. Or leave, giving way not to Biden from the “Washington swamp”, not to the army, but to the process of the collapse of the USA.