Seven thousand people take part in anti-racism demonstration in Australia

About seven thousand people in several cities in Australia take part in demonstrations in support of refugees and the Black Lives Matter movement, which opposes violence against black people, Australian television and radio corporation ABC reports.

Demonstrations and protests took place in Perth, Darwin, Rockhampton, Brisbane and Melbourne. The largest rally in support of the Black Lives Matter was held in Perth – according to preliminary data, about 5 thousand people took part in it. The demonstrators wore masks and kept the recommended distance between them. In Darwin, about two thousand people came to the protest. About 100 people gathered in Brisbane to express support for the detained refugees, about 20 people in Melbourne, and about 60 in Sydney.

Sydney’s police prevented a rally on Black Lives Matter on Friday. Last Saturday, several tens of thousands of people gathered in Australia for Black Lives Matter in connection with the death in the United States of African American George Floyd. Demonstration organizers and volunteers distributed masks to the participants and provided hand sanitizers.

Earlier, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that the continuation of the protests is unacceptable, demonstrators who violate the regulations in connection with the threat of the spread of coronavirus infection should be held accountable.

A wave of protests and riots swept through the cities of the United States, and then a number of countries around the world, following the death in Minneapolis at the hands of the African American police George Floyd. A video appeared on the Internet in which the police handcuffed Floyd, knocked him down and fell on him three, one of them pressing his knee on his neck. Floyd on the video several times says that he can’t breathe, then calms down. One policeman was charged with murder and three others with complicity in the murder.


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