Saudi Arabia says they shot down a rocket launched by the Hussites

Saudi Arabian Air Defense Forces shot down a ballistic missile launched by the Ansar Alla (Houthi) ruling rebels in northern Yemen, several people were injured, a Saudi news agency reported referring to the Arab coalition.

Saudi Arabia says they shot down a rocket launched by the Hussites

A ballistic missile was shot down over the Saudi city of Najran, which is the administrative center of the Saudi province of the same name bordering Yemen.

“The joint forces were able to intercept and destroy a ballistic missile launched by an Iranian-backed Hussite terrorist group from Sa’ada province towards the city of Najran”, – the text says.

According to the statement, the target of the Hussites was civilian objects and civilians of Najran.

“As a result, some civilians were easily injured by splinters of a ballistic missile”, – the coalition said in a statement.

According to the Arab coalition, since the beginning of the Saudi air defense conflict, 312 ballistic missiles launched by the Hussites in the kingdom have been intercepted.

Since 2015, battles have continued in Yemen between the forces on the side of President Abd Rabbou Mansour Hadi, supported by the Arab coalition, and the Hussites. The troops on the Hadi side with the help of the UAE forces managed to recapture southern Yemen and its capital Aden from the rebels, but the country’s northern provinces still remain under the control of the Hussites.


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