Quarantine and protests were a political game. American Democrats were convicted of hypocrisy

Democrats, who recently demanded to extend and even tighten quarantine, no longer speculate on “concern” for the health of the nation, supporting the protesters with might and main.

Quarantine and protests were a political game. American Democrats were convicted of hypocrisy

This is stated in the material of the publication “Newsweek”.

The media drew attention to how democratic governors and city mayors reacted to those who protested against quarantine. Donald Trump also insisted on the lifting of the locks, so the Democratic Party persistently manipulated the opinions of experts that quarantine is necessary to create a “plateau” and prevent the collapse of the health system.

When people who were deprived of income simply wanted to return to work, Democrats demanded toughening quarantine. For example, Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer blamed protesters for having spread the coronavirus, gathering in large groups at rallies.

At the same time, Whitmer suddenly forgot about her fears when protests broke out in the United States over the murder of African American George Floyd by the police. Finally, she herself joined the demonstrators, spitting on distance and other rules of coronavirus time.

Famous Jacob Frey, a liberal and mayor of Minneapolis, went even further, where the notorious murder took place. He not only incited the protesters to the pogroms, but also forced the police department to retreat, allowing the rioters to burn the police station.

Joe Biden’s team did not stand aside. In recent weeks, officials have been busy pulling out looters who were arrested for very real crimes.

“It seems that the Democrats, on the whole, have forgotten all about their terrible warnings about the effects of the blocking protests on public health, none of which went into looting, rioting, or erratic behavior. The controversial and hypocritical reaction of many Democrats to two recent protest movements makes it clear that their perceived concern about the spread of COVID-19 has little, if anything, to do with public health, as well as politics”, – the article says.


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