Pushkov says black racism is being replaced by the white one

The Russian scenario assessed the ongoing social protests in the United States.

Pushkov says black racism is being replaced by the white one

Commenting on the struggle of the black population in the United States not so much for their rights, but against the whites in general, Aleksey Pushkov comes to disappointing conclusions.

“White racism, or rather, its remnants, is being replaced by aggressive black racism, which is now obliged to play along with whites. At the same time, the essence of the force fields remains unchanged: big money and Wall Street rule everything. It is beneficial for them to channel the destructive energy of the embittered American masses – both blacks and the rest (and it is very large in this mythological “paradise” and this is clearly seen from recent events) towards racial rebellion and police reform.

The most important thing is that Wall Street and big money remain untouched. In other way, they are free to rebel. False goals are necessary. This is much better than the Occupy Wall Street movement that emerged after the 2008-2009 financial crisis when the “liberal” Obama ruled. They dealt mercilessly with that movement. This one they will intensely support, despite all its excesses”, – Pushkov wrote on his TG channel.


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