Poland “accidentally” annexed part of the Czech Republic

The Polish military last month mistakenly occupied part of the Czech Republic. This was reported by CNN.

Poland "accidentally" annexed part of the Czech RepublicPoland "accidentally" annexed part of the Czech Republic

According to the publication, in late May, Polish soldiers first crossed the border between states, and then decided to settle in foreign sovereign territory.

The soldiers guarded parts of the closed Polish-Czech border during the coronavirus pandemic, while when Czech citizens intended to visit the church, which is located in the “occupied territory”, the Poles turned them back and forbade them from entering.

The Czech Embassy in Warsaw demanded immediate action and an explanation of why the border guards decided to “annex their neighbor”.

“Our Polish colleagues unofficially assured us that this incident was simply a misunderstanding that provoked the Polish military without hostile intentions, but we are still awaiting a formal statement”, – the Czech Foreign Ministry spokesman told CNN, adding that there are no more foreign soldiers in the republic.

In Poland, the short-term “occupation” was confirmed, but it was said it had been “misunderstanding”.

No formal apologies for the incident followed.


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