Konstantin Knyrik: Foreboding of the American Civil War

On November 3, 2016, I wrote a short blog on the topic of the American elections and generally predicted Trump’s victory, while I based on my assumptions. Now the situation in the United States has become even more interesting and, most importantly, the hot phase of the election campaign started much earlier. Elections, or rather, what the American system calls elections, rushed from the start, and the tectonic plates on which the American society stands are showing incredible shifts.

Most experts agree that all the protests in the United States have showed signs of the classic Maidan, which has been repeatedly implemented in other countries. But there are fundamental differences.

Today’s protests, in my opinion, are a certain kind of a review of possibilities and reactions. When mass groups of people were organized to take part in protests in other countries, it was not so dangerous as doing this in their own country. Even if the behaviour of mass groups of protesters, for example, in Ukraine, got out of control, it would not have caused any worries among the organizers. And here it is important not to go too far – because you can suffer yourself.

Which goals today’s protest solves:

– definitely creates the basis for a possible future, even more serious conflict, and the parties to this conflict are brightly and technologically emerging. This conflict may be needed when other instruments do not allow Trump and the his allies to be removed from the political arena. At any moment, a white leader may appear who says that “it is time for whites to get up from their knees” and a civil confrontation may serve as an excuse for resolving political issues not through elections, but in completely different ways, more than once worked out in other countries.

– The protests are now undermining the authority of Trump, because the most important message is swinging inside America – HE is not coping with the situation. And this affects both the electorate, which always wants peace and stability, and the elites who understand that it is better to surrender Trump than to lose a stable opportunity to earn! In general, absolutely everything is spinning around the topic of earnings and business in the USA, it is difficult to disagree with this.

– A total discrediting of the law enforcement system is underway, so that if it is necessary to remove Trump by force, there is no one to defend him! All the “Maidans”, in all countries, were preceded by a total information company to discredit the law enforcement system.

– Doubting Trump supporters and he himself are vividly demonstrated that he will not be allowed to be president with serious powers. Over and over again, the highest ranks of the Pentagon and individual military departments refuse to obey him. And they do it publicly, and here the calculation is that some other, so not numerous, part of the elites will turn their backs on the weak Trump, and he himself can give up, realizing his rather helpless position.

I am inclined to conclude that in a couple of weeks there will not be a trace of these protests, but the technologies, organized massive groups of people, organizers and ringleaders have already been tested. Trump is emotionally suppressed, the law enforcement system through the media space will be deprived of any authority. Hotbeds of tension, the main topics for heating the confrontation will be kept afloat through the media, and at the right time there will be another criminal who will be killed, strangled or something else happens to him, and so and the flywheel will start…

This right moment is the last days of the election campaign or the election itself, when it will be obvious that Biden is not winning, and it is almost impossible to win, even in the imitative action that is called the presidential election in the USA.

There is a lasting impression that Trump will not be allowed to stay, and the democratic party has thrown all its forces to solve this problem and takes the most risky step that could be taken – it creates stable ground for a possible Maidan inside the USA. We will see soon what it will look like – the third round, revolution, coup d’etat or the sharpest civil confrontation on the verge of a civil war. The dress rehearsal was a resounding success and smoothly goes into intermission before the next act.

The United States is waiting for a hot autumn, and although Trump has high predictive chances to win the election – whether he will be able to retain power and reach his inauguration for a second term – now it looks like a separate issue. There is a feeling that the Democrats are ready to put the United States on the brink of the second civil war…

Konstantin Knyrik, Head of News Front News Agency