Ukrainian MP beat a child and got a bullet in the leg for it

Near the village Brovary, a deputy of the district council, was injured in the leg from a traumatic gun after beating a 12-year-old boy. About this incident today, June 12, Ukrainian media reported with reference to sources in the police of the Kiev region.

Ukrainian MP beat a child and got a bullet in the leg for it

According to law enforcement officers, the conflict occurred in the village of Knyazhichi between the current and former deputy of the Brovarsky district council.

“The conflict began near the fence near the house of the deputy of the district council, where there was a pile of sand. There were children playing. A man came out to them and began to beat them with a stick. A 12-year-old boy was hit by sticks on the back. Parents of children ran to the place. The boy’s father shot towards the deputy, protecting his child. According to preliminary information, I shot from a gas pistol, which was converted into a traumatic one, ” police said and clarified that the former deputy was the shooter.

At the same time, law enforcement officers emphasized that similar situations between neighbors often happened.

“The investigative-operational group left for the place of conflict. All parties to the conflict were identified. Converted weapons seized and sent for examination. A criminal case has been instituted on this fact – causing moderate damage. The victims were sent for a forensic examination to determine the severity of the damage. We find out all the causes and circumstances of the incident, ” the police added.


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