Trump lobbying US corporations: Another arms deal threatened

The Donald Trump administration intends to destroy the Missile Technology Control Regime – an international agreement that has existed since 1987.

Trump lobbying US corporations: Another arms deal threatened

This was reported by Reuters.

The missile technology control regime is an informal agreement of 35 states, including Russia, the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Turkey and others.

Agency sources say Trump needs to circumvent the regime as part of promoting the interests of military corporations such as General Atomics Aeronautical Systems and Northrop Grumman. Thus, they will be able to sell their drones to other countries. Potential customers may be Jordan or the United Arab Emirates.

Washington officials consider trump’s intentions to be reckless, because refusing to comply with the regime, he will push Russia to mirror actions.

The State Department and the White House declined to comment on the information. Heidi Grant, director of the Pentagon’s Defense Technology Security Directorate, also declined to answer the question, but admitted that US military contractors were interested in expanding overseas drone sales.
“If we cannot meet this growing demand, we shoot ourselves in the foot,” the official said.


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