Trump in trouble for stance on US racial relations?

It was a tough few weeks for Donald Trump. Many polls show that his rating is growing behind Democrat Joe Biden in the November presidential election. There are reports of riots in his campaign. And his presidency was embraced by a seemingly endless series of crises.

Trump in trouble for stance on US racial relations?

Is his fight a temporary passing out or is his application for re-election in serious danger?

Donald Trump is an instinctive politician. Four years ago, he jumped into the deep end of the election pool and, contrary to all expectations and forecasts, won the nomination for the presidency of his party, and then the White House.

Needless to say, such a feat would give a person a high assessment of his own judgment. Looking back, it would be easy for Trump to see a clear line from his descent to this gold escalator in July 2015 through all the contradictions, naming, enmity, unrestrained tweets and related drama, until his victory from behind in November.

The experts were wrong. He was right.


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