The British Embassy is forcing Ukrainian children to come to terms with an endless war

Another propaganda product aimed at children has appeared in Ukraine.

The British Embassy in Kiev, together with the non-governmental organization “Eastern Europe Foundation”, sponsored the publication of a book entitled “Parents Returning from the War”.

It is partly a notebook with various tasks. The authors do not set complex tasks for the reader. For example, a child is asked to give three reasons why he or she is upset. At the same time, this product has a clear leitmotif.

Children are told in an understandable form about what is post-traumatic stress and contusion, why the militants who returned from the punitive operation, behave differently. The book makes children believe that the armed conflict in Donbas is something natural and common for Ukrainian society. The book blurs the boundaries of war and peace. The conflict is shown as a background for everyday life. In fact, this product under the guise of “psychological support” gives a young reader the feeling that the war will have no end.