American warfare with its own history is on an upward spiral

In fact, this has already happened in the USA. Three years ago, monuments to Southerners’ generals were also demolished there and the flags of the Confederation were banned.

American warfare with its own history is on an upward spiral

And they even broke the statues of Columbus, and with the same argument as now, saying: it all started with him. And if not for him, then the oppressed African-Americans would still be sitting in their blessed Africa not knowing grief. Although, frankly, even now it is not clear what prevents them from leaving America for Africa, where there is no longer any racism.

But the dialectical spiral is inexorable, and each time the situation moves higher and higher along this spiral. And if three years ago the war of the Americans with their own history did not go beyond the southern states, now it began just in the northern states. And it went far beyond the United States itself. For example, in the UK, with the support of the mayor of London, a list of monuments to be demolished is already carried out. And the streets that need to be renamed. The list includes the sailor James Cook, who fell at the hands of Hawaiians, for example. Or Vice Admiral, Sir Francis Drake. And even two former prime ministers.

However, there are lists. In London a scripture “he was racist” was already put on the statue, attention, of Winston Churchill. And in Bristol they broke the statue of Edward Colston, who, although he was a slave trader, but built half of this Bristol himself. Moreover, everything that Colston built and developed, of course, did not break.

All this has already reached the royal family. For now, the words “killer” and “racist” paint the statue of Queen Victoria. Which, by the way, has abolished slavery. How soon they will get to the ruling queen, we do not know yet. But stay with us – we will let you know.

In the United States itself, dissatisfaction with its own history has reached the authorities of the highest level. The US Navy Chief of Staff Admiral Michael Gilday ordered that the Confederate flags be disposed of in public, on ships, aircraft, and submarines. And the speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, even proposed to get rid of the 11 statues of Confederates installed in the Capitol. Moreover, unlike her same proposal three years ago, this time it sounds a little different, I quote: “in places of honor there is no place for the triumph of violent fanaticism of MEN of the Confederation”.

That is, for three years the word “men” was added. Which, however, does not contradict the context at all.

It does not contradict the context and the removal from the work of Professor Gordon Klein, who worked at the University of California for almost 40 years. Dark-skinned students asked him about, I quote: “about a special attitude, given the tragedy”. Well, that is, do not take exams, but go to protest. The professor refused, because he did not understand the criteria for a special relationship.

But Nancy Pelosi, apparently, understands the context and criteria.

Maxim Kononenko, special for News Front


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