Warships deployed at Nord Stream 2 – NATO may sabotage construction

The part of the Baltic Sea where the unfinished section of the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline runs lies in control of NATO warships.

Warships deployed at Nord Stream 2 - NATO may sabotage construction

It is reported by the publication “EADaily”.

According to media reports, last night three ships of the alliance approached the Danish island of Bornholm, including the frigates Frederiction and F122 belonging to Canada and Germany. Also Rhon tanker Rhon was spotted in the water. According to monitoring resources, at night the ships proceeded along the pipeline, anchoring at Bornholm.

In addition, the American destroyer Donald Cook is also located in the water area. The vessel is not tracked through an automatic identification system, but, according to NATO, it was heading for the Baltic Sea along with the Canadian frigate Frederiction.

According to the publication, NATO headquarters did not answer the question about the purpose of staying at the gas pipeline warships. However, this may be due to the conduct of the BALTOPS 2020 naval military exercises here.

Minesweepers also take part in the maneuvers, whose task is to search for explosive devices where the Nord Stream-2 lies. Since the days of the two world wars, there have indeed been many bombs and mines. It is noteworthy that the maneuvers are unfolding against the background of how the Danish Energy Agency is considering the resumption of construction work. It is possible that the topic of ammunition can be used to delay the construction of the pipeline.


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