DPRK advises Washington to “keep its mouth shut”

North Korea condemned the U.S. for interfering in inter-Korean relations.

DPRK advises Washington to "keep its mouth shut"

According to Interfax, citing CTAK, DPRK Foreign Ministry General Director Kwon Jong Gun said that the U.S. has no right to comment on inter-Korean cases.

“I am tired of the duplicity of the U.S., which seeks to stop inter-Korean relations when they show signs of progress”, –  Kwon Jong Gun said in a statement. – “Not only for the U.S., but also for a successful presidential election in Washington, it would be useful to keep your mouth shut if the U.S. authorities do not want to go through something terrible.”

The U.S. has criticized DPRK’s decision to end contacts with South Korea and called on Pyongyang to return to the negotiating table.


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