Kremlin reacts to the idea of ​​”tough sanctions” of the US against Russia

The Kremlin expects that proposals for new US sanctions against Russia will not be implemented. This was stated by spokesman for the Russian leader Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the idea of ​​Republicans in the United States to introduce “the toughest sanctions”.

Kremlin reacts to the idea of ​​"tough sanctions" of the US against Russia

“In general, we consider such restrictions as illegal from the point of view of international law, and, of course, we can only regret the new and new impulses that some people are trying to give in general American politics”, – the Kremlin representative said.

As Peskov emphasized, such a proposal “in no way contributes to the normalization” of bilateral relations.

“We hope that these plans will remain at the level of statements, will not materialize in any way”, – he added.

He noted that as the election campaign in the United States develops, traditionally Russia and bilateral relations “become such a sacred sacrifice for American politicians that must be made if you want to achieve some success in electoral affairs”.

Earlier, Republicans of the House of Representatives in Congress proposed introducing “the toughest sanctions that have ever been taken against Russia”.

The Federation Council, commenting on the document that contains the proposal for sanctions, noted that it was “intended more for domestic consumption”, saying that it was an attempt to put pressure on the US leader Donald Trump.


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