In France, at least 50,000 health workers have COVID-19

At least 50,000 doctors and other health workers have been infected with coronavirus in France since the beginning of the epidemic, BFMTV reports citing various official data.

In France, at least 50,000 health workers have COVID-19
On June 4, the National Health Agency of France published data according to which 30,258 people were infected with Coronavirus from hospital staff and another 16,300 are employees of nursing homes. It is noted that 16 of them died from COVID-19.

In addition, the data of the French pension fund of doctors, published on June 3, showed that since March, six thousand self-employed doctors have applied for compensation for illness, 46 of them later died.

At the same time, the TV channel notes that these data take into account only 1160 hospitals out of three thousand.

“I hope that in the end we will have the most comprehensive figures possible”, –  Ann Berger-Carbonne, head of the Infectious Diseases Department at the National Health Agency, told the channel.


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