Another “democrat” has left the ruling coalition in Moldova.Another “democrat” has left the ruling coalition in Moldova

The deputy Angel Agache left the faction of the Democratic Party of Moldova. After that, 51 parliamentarians remained in the ruling coalition of the Party of Socialists and the DPM.

Another "democrat" has left the ruling coalition in Moldova.Another "democrat" has left the ruling coalition in Moldova

According to the Moldovan media, the Pro Moldova parliamentary group announced on its Facebook page that a former democrat had joined them.

“We welcome our colleague, MP Angel Agache, to the Pro Moldova team. Together we will make efforts for the benefit of our citizens and the country”, –  the message said.

Socialist MP Bogdan Tirdei linked this event to the postponed tomorrow’s session of the Court of Appeal on appealing the arrest warrant of Vladimir Plahotniuc on charges of complicity in “stealing a billion.

“Why did MP Agake leave the PDM today? It’s as simple as that! Tomorrow, June 12, Plahotniuc’s lawsuit against the State Department will be considered in the USA. The puppeteer is doing everything to stay in the U.S., to maintain refugee status. And if today the Court of Appeals preserves the decision of the Chekansk court to arrest Plahotniuc, tomorrow the American court may crack the puppeteer! And this means that he will either be expelled from the USA or extradited to Moldova!” – Tirdei wrote on his Facebook page, – “That’s why MPs from the DPM are coming out. That’s why Kandu says a new majority and a new government will be formed soon. That’s why the Chisinau Court of Appeal postponed the Plahotniuc session 4 times! That’s why all the prosecutors who are investigating the theft of a billion got Covid 19 sick! And that’s why Plahotniuc is in such a hurry to buy deputies. Well, let’s just say. If a new majority is formed, it’ll be Plahotniuc’s majority.”

Today the Court of Appeal had to consider an appeal against the arrest warrant of Vladimir Plahotniukc on charges of complicity in the “theft of a billion”. If the warrant is confirmed, tomorrow’s consideration of Plahotniuc’s suit against the State Department and Pompeo personally will end in defeat – it will be practically impossible to prove that Plahotniuc is persecuted for political reasons. And the entire suit in the American court is based solely on this.


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