America is in a hurry to create an icebreaking fleet for the Arctic

US President Donald Trump has issued a memorandum on the construction of icebreakers for the Arctic and Antarctic by 2029.

America is in a hurry to create an icebreaking fleet for the Arctic
By 2029, the U.S. will “develop and implement an icebreaker fleet procurement program to ensure polar security,” according to a memorandum by Donald Trump published on the White House website.

“To help protect our national interests in the Arctic and Antarctic regions and to support the presence of security forces alongside our allies and partners, the U.S. needs a ready, operational and serviceable polar security icebreaker fleet that will be tested and ready for full deployment in fiscal 2029”, –  the document says.

It is noted that Trump instructed the heads of the Department of Homeland Security, State Department, Pentagon and Department of Energy to study the comparative operational and financial benefits and risks of the polar icebreaker fleet, which currently consists of “at least three heavy class icebreakers (PSC).
Officials are also instructed to find and assess the two optimal locations for the new icebreaker fleet in the U.S. territory and to identify at least two more international locations.

Donald Trump took a very short time to develop a plan for a new polar fleet, only 60 days.

Recall that in 2029 will come the time to write off two existing U.S. ice-breakers – the middle Healy and the heavy Polar Star.

It is worth noting that the Russian icebreaker fleet consists of about 40 ships. Hal Brands, Professor at Johns Hopkins University School of International Studies in the U.S., in an article for Bloomberg noted that Russia today has 14 icebreakers and six military bases and is actively investing in the development of the Arctic.


The U.S. arms and military equipment will not allow the Americans to indicate their presence in the Arctic, said Alexander Tihansky, a military and political analyst and professor at the Russian Academy of Military Sciences, to the Baltnews portal earlier.

“The Arctic issue has always been quite tough on the Americans. Today, their weapons and military equipment simply do not have an opportunity to even indicate their presence in this region”, –  stressed Tihansky.

According to him, the Arctic region is of great importance for the U.S. not only because there are large deposits of hydrocarbons and other minerals, but also because it is the shortest way to the territory of the probable enemy.



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