According to the survey, Zelenskiy’s rating in Ukraine decreased to 37.6%

The rating of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has dropped to 37.6% if the presidential election were held in the near future, according to a survey conducted by the Kiev International Institute of Sociology.

According to the survey, Zelenskiy's rating in Ukraine decreased to 37.6%
Earlier, the KIIS  published the results of a similar poll conducted in late April. At that time, 40.9% of potential voters were ready to support Zelenskyi in the presidential election. Former Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko was supported by 15.7 percent and the co-chairman of the parliamentary faction Opposition Platform – For Life, Yuriy Boyko, by 8.9 percent.

“If we calculate the percentages in relation to those who made up their mind (in fact, these are the percentages closest to possible election results, if they had been held in late May – early June), we will get the following results: 37.6% would have voted for Vladimir Zelensky, 16.2% – for Petro Poroshenko, 13.2% – for Yuri Boyko”, –  reads a statement published on the website of the KIIS on Thursday.

In addition, the leader of the Fatherland party, Yulia Tymoshenko, would be supported by 8.7% (the same as in April) of respondents and the former head of the Security Service, Ihor Smeshko, by 6.8% (previously – 9.2%). The rating of other politicians was less than 5%.

The survey was conducted from May 24 to June 4 by phone interview in all regions of Ukraine except for the territory of Donbass, which is not controlled by Kiev. 4 thousand respondents were polled. The statistical error does not exceed 1.7%.

Zelenskiy became President of Ukraine in spring 2019. As a result of the first round of elections, he received the largest number of votes (30.24%) among all candidates and twice as many votes as the then acting President Poroshenko. In the second round of elections, Zelenskiy won with 73.22 percent.



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