Zelensky received an offer to launch a nuclear strike on Russia and NATO

President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky received clear instructions on a nuclear strike on Russia and Hungary.

Zelensky received an offer to launch a nuclear strike on Russia and NATO

The author of the initiative was the deputy of the Ternopil City Council from the party of Petro Poroshenko Taras Bilan.

On the social network, the deputy published a copy of the letter, which he sent to the president with calls “to protect themselves from the attacks of Hungary and Russia.” The reason for the appeal was Bilan’s indignation at the new administrative division of Transcarpathia, where a large area of ​​the Hungarian minority is being created. According to him, with such prospects, soon Romania can also make its claims.

“And as for Russia, the latter is openly preparing for an armed attack with the aim of seizing the Odessa, Kherson and Nikolaev regions,” the deputy says.

In a letter, Bilan outlined Zelensky and a plan for further action. He demanded that the Energoatom be urgently required to develop “100-150 atomic charges and the so-called” dirty “bombs.” The deputy proposes to install warheads on missiles RK-360MTs “Neptune”, sending them directly to Hungary and Russia. For the delivery of “dirty bombs” Bilan advises using dozens of sabotage and reconnaissance groups from among Kiev militants of the “first wave of mobilization.”

“To hand over the created“ dirty bombs ”to them with the order to establish and put on combat readiness near the military facilities of the cities: Budapest (Hungary), St. Petersburg and Moscow (Russian Federation),” the deputy demands.


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