Poroshenko summoned to court to tell how he “surrendered the Crimea”

Interrogation in the Court of Appeal of Kiev is scheduled for June 15.

Poroshenko summoned to court to tell how he "surrendered the Crimea"

The lawyer of former president Viktor Yanukovych, Vitaliy Serdyuk, said that Petro Poroshenko would be expected on June 15 at the Kiev Court of Appeal in the case of the surrender of Crimea.

The defense team very carefully monitors the processes that are currently being investigated against Petro Poroshenko and believe that his main affairs are still ahead. On June 15, at 11:00, the Kiev Court of Appeal, at the request of the defense, appointed an interrogation in the case of surrendering the Crimea, ” Serdyuk said.

According to him, cases are being investigated on “surrender of the Crimea, executions on the Maidan, illegal unconstitutional seizure of power in 2014 by Poroshenko’s accomplices and himself”


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